Hamburg Harley Days 2024


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Hamburg Harley Days 2024

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[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”203″ title=”Harley Village at the Großmarkt”]The Harley® Village on the area of the “Großmarkt” is the base for many participants of the event. Here you will not only find the official Harley dealers, but also lots of fashion, accessories and other items related to the iconic Harley-Davidson® brand. There will be various bars and stages with great live music acts. The starting point of the HD Demo Rides and the big parade on Sunday will also be on the grounds. But there will also be new attractions and surprises. The best is yet to come![/wr_content_box_vd]
[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”2605″ title=”Facts & Figures – Großmarkt Hamburg”]Life is “humming” around here

When you can still hear the roaring of engines on the Großmarkt premises late at night, there’s already a lot going on in the heritage-protected Großmarkthalle.
Over 5.000 merchants and caterers regularly buy their fresh products here. As ‘the green heart of the city’, Großmarkt Hamburg guarantees the urbanites’ healthy diet since 1962. Not only huge events like the Harley Days but also the FOOD MARKET HAMBURG, a culinary highlight, have been in the event agenda for many years.

Further Information during the Harley Days at the ‘fresh’ Großmarkt stand (west side of the area) or at[/wr_content_box_vd]

[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”4086″ title=”Rockabilly Rulz”]Last year there were a few additions – including the new “Rockabilly Rulz” area.
In the traders’ area there were, in true Rockabilly style, not only some great food stands for a refreshment in between. One of two stages was also located here and various great artists like Ski King, JP King, The Sinners and many more offered Rockabilly at its best! Stay tuned for 2023![/wr_content_box_vd]
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[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”3865″ title=”Harley Village”]In Harley Village you will find our second stage with everything that rock music has to offer!

You can look forward to Marco Mendoza, Jimmy Cornett & The Deadmen and the Meiselgeier. Click here for the complete program.

Furthermore, the Rock Antenne Live program will be held every evening on the Harley Stage, where clips, interviews and the best excerpts from the respective event day will be shown.[/wr_content_box_vd]