June 24-26

5th Avenue

Rock from the Waterkant – authentic, straightforward, honest is what the Hanseatics stand for.
In 1990, 5th Avenue was one of the first bands to play at the first Wacken Openair, which has since become the biggest metal festival in the world. Also in the following years they were again and again part of the North German big event.
But then the surprising thing happened: the band officially broke up in 1996. Only In 2014, for their 25th anniversary, the musicians return to play – where else, an anniversary show in Wacken, as well as at several other major open airs and the Harley Days.

Saturday, June 25th

at 5.30 pm on the Harley Stage

Billy & the Sideburnzz

Founded in February 2021, “Billy & the Sideburnzz” consists of three experienced musicians and full-blooded rock’n’rollers: Kai on double bass, Franky on drums and singer Kevin on guitar. Previously, the three “Sideburnzz” have played in all kinds of bands and thus were allowed to sniff international stage air.
These experiences now merge with “Billy & the Sideburnzz” in a cracking mix of red hot rhythms and cool melodies.
The repertoire of the entertaining and likeable band ranges from groovy neo-rockabilly compositions to rousing rockabilly classics of the fifties.

Saturday, June 25th

at 3.45 pm on the Rockabilly Rulz Stage
(Photocredit: Svenja Vale)

Jimmy Cornett & the Deadmen

Sold-out concert halls, headliners at international festivals from Scandinavia to Spain, creative collaboration with well-known film directors (Uli Brée, Jonas Mohr), … on the other hand an unbroken love for small clubs (e.g. in Johnny Depp ́s “Viper Room”), random events and songs out of life.

This is what Jimmy Cornett (vocals, guitar), Dennis Adamus (lead guitar), Frank Jäger (Bass) and Claudia Lippmann (Drums) stand for: JIMMY CORNETT & THE DEADMEN.

Jimmy has established himself as one of Europe’s up-and-coming blues rockers, Southern rock with electric blues into a bubbling new sound. . For a long time now, he and his band have been capable of headlining festivals launch and sell out venues worldwide.

Hundreds of gigs have taken him across Europe, to California, Nevada and as far as Uruguay, where he played smoke-filled juke joints and dusty truck stops as well as Blues festivals and biker events. After conquering LA’s legendary Viper Room and opened for ZZ Top, his growing fame allowed him to make allies like Sons of Anarchy star Emilio Rivera for the video for “Road To Heaven” or American actor Eric Robert.


Saturday, June 25th

at 9 pm on the Harley Stage

JP King

For all those for whom the songs of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly go straight from the heart to the legs. With a colorful repertoire and his stylish performance, JP King provides an unforgettable rock’n’roll tribute. You can expect no classic Elvis imitator. Rather a lover of the oldies, which include classics like Ring Of Fire, Stand By Me or Rama Lama Ding Dong and The Wanderer.

Saturday, June 25th

at 6.15 pm on the Rockabilly Rulz Stage

Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza is well known as a legendary bass player for bands like Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, The Dead Daisies, Journey, Ted Nugent and many others!

After joining local bands in the Los Angeles scene from an early age, it would not be until 1989 that his first break would come when former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward recruited him as part of his solo band. This would springboard him on his way to play with a collection of some of the rock worlds biggest bands and musicians including John Sykes Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent and Whitesnake to name a few.

With his accomplished and highly sought-after skills as a bass player and singer, he has also featured as a guest musician and session player with the likes of Tommy Shaw (Styx), David Coverdale (Whitesnake), Dolores O’Riordan (Cranberries) and Neal Schon (Journey) amongst others.


Friday, June 24th

at 9 pm on the Harley Stage


The 8 musicians from the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg (Wendland) have dedicated themselves to the rock music of the 70s. They present songs by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Steppenwolf, Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, Free, Canned Head, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and many other well-known stars from that time, such as the great hits of Carlos Santana, like Jingo, Black Magic Woman, Oje Como Va, Soul Sacrafice or Samba Pati.
Here they don’t just play any songs! Here rock music is lived, what the audience gets to feel from the first piece. Here you can expect a rhythmic firework of the extra class.

Sunday, June 26th

at 11 am on the Harley Stage
(Photocredit: Kai Kestner Photography)


If Biffy Clyro and the Arctic Monkeys had a child: It would grow up in the north since 2019, speak German and be called PELLE. The power trio combines indie rock with proper punk and a touch of disco. Lyrics like guitar riffs writes singer Bastian Franz and has them boldly underlined by Joshi Neitzel (bass) and Moritz Constantin (drums). Every note is a statement – and that comes across: At Rock Antenne’s BALTIC BAND BATTLE 2021 at the Baltic Sea, the three troublemakers were named the winner by the audience and jury in July. After intensive sessions in the legendary Gaga Studio in Hamburg with producer Mark Smith, PELLE are now finally ready to shake up the German rock scene with their first single “Eskalation”.

Sunday, June 26th

at 2.30 pm on the Harley Stage

The Rockhouse Brothers

Named “Best Studio Band in the World” by Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen, they were featured by the station every Saturday for an entire year. The Rockhouse Brothers are Joey “the Saint” and his “little brother” Jamie. Born in America but raised in England, the siblings now pursue only one goal: to play their way into people’s hearts with their music. Jamie and Wolff “the Wolfman” Reichert (drums) met on stage in 2000 at “Buddy – das Musical!”. Afterwards (2001) they founded the Rockhouse Brothers together with Joey. Their way of combining 50s rock’n’roll with contemporary party hits has proven to be a recipe for success. The approximately 200 concerts a year have led to joint appearances with Melanie Fiona, David Garret, Chris de Burgh, Roger Cicero, Chris Norman (Smokie), Max Mutzke and many others.

Saturday, June 25th

at 8.15 pm on the Rockabilly Rulz Stage

Rossi & Offel

You won’t soon forget a voice like Offel’s: smoky and snotty, sometimes a bit megalomaniac perhaps, but always with plenty of soul. The fact that he also plays the guitar on the side, as if it were a part of him, only makes him go even higher on stage. His performances with his former hamburg cult band Kongo Skulls are legendary.
His musical foundation, guardian and partner in crime is Rossi van Houten, who, by his own admission, has been playing the double bass longer than he can remember. Rumor has it that he was already rhythmically plucking his umbilical cord prenatally.
Whether as street musicians at the Landungsbrücken or on stage in Hugo Egon Balder’s cult bar Zwick on the Reeperbahn, together they enchant the night owls with interpretations of well-known songs by Depeche Mode, Genesis and Bruce Springsteen or heat things up with ACDC and rock’n’roll classics.

Saturday, June 25th

at 2 pm on the Rockabilly Rulz Stage
(Photocredit: olaf_malzahn)

Ski King

Andrew James Witzke is the “Ski King”. A thoroughbred musician – with a great passion for Johnny Cash and Elvis. Ski-King is indeed a cover artist, but one who gives the throaty interpretations so much of his own that listeners rub their ears in amazement when they hear what a seasoned artist is still able to discover from a well-known song in terms of great, hidden treasures. “You can only trace the intimate secrets of the pieces and ultimately discover them if you also love the selected pieces,” Ski-King clarifies. Ski is not an impersonator, he is an entertainer. With countless live shows over the past 20 years as a musician, he has made a name for himself with fans of country, rock ‘n’ roll and psychobilly music, and is always reinventing himself….

Friday, June 24th

at 9 pm on the Rockabilly Rulz Stage

The Sinners

Explosive rockabilly, rousing swinging rock’n’roll and sophisticated three-part harmony vocals in doowop, stands for “The Sinners” from Hamburg and makes the three to one of the best acts in this genre! The energetic show of the Sinners led the band so far throughout Germany, Austria and Italy.

Sunday, June 26th

at 2.30 pm on the Rockabilly Rulz Stage

The Whiskey Hell

Armed with their three albums Booze’n’Boogie, Bullets’n’Burritos and Bitchhiker, THE WHISKEY HELL plow the clubs and bars of the republic and sound as compact as a Mississippi paddlewheel steamer that translates a load of party-happy Harley riders to their next whiskey weekend.
The band has existed since the beginning of 2013, but even before that the three guys have been able to gather quite a bit of musical experience.
Singer and guitarist Olly Wallenberg earned his spurs with the band DOC EISENHAUER, which released the first German-language metal record on RCA in 1992. Subsequent tours and gigs with bands like HELLOWEEN, BONFIRE and GOTTHARD followed. Olly sang the solo record of Helloween’s woofer Markus Großkopf in the late nineties.
On drums Lars Lindner, who already sat behind the drums in 2014 to 2016 and is also singer and drummer of the family rock band DOCKERROCK.
The trio is rounded off by Doc Joe, who has also been on the road with DOC EISENHAUER, THE SKINDOGS and even in Tampa-Bay, Florida/USA with the SHOTGUN JUNKIES and BLACK STAR WHISKEY.

Friday, June 24th

at 7 pm on the Harley Stage

Thristy Mamas

Since the term “Hamburg’s oldest band” was not true, but the musicians got together very late, the term “Hamburg’s latest band” was created, which quickly caught on and has now become a trademark.
Due to the musical roots of the musicians an own sound was created, which brings this form of blues and rock music to the audience in a fresh and powerful way. Pieces of well-known greats and own compositions have their own Thirsty Mamas sound, which brings the band from gig to gig for years new followers.

Friday, June 24th

at 3 pm on the Harley Stage