Hamburg Harley Days 2024


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Hamburg Harley Days 2024

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  /  Respect for Hamburg
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[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col2-3″ boxheight=”auto” title=”RESPECT FOR HAMBURG”]You need Hamburg – and Hamburg needs you! The city welcomes the Hamburg Harley Days every year with all its bikers. Since there will be a lot of visitors, we have to consider some rules!

It’s not in our interest to prohibit anything. We just want to spread the message of mutual respect. That’s why we say: 

RESPECT…  is about silence.
Please turn the volume down!

RESPECT… can make detours.
Please avoid residential areas, especially at night!

RESPECT… doesn’t smell like gas and rubber.
Please avoid any burn-outs!

RESPECT… is open for everything – besides pipes.

With respect for Hamburg – for local residents and for bikers.[/wr_text_block]

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