Hamburg Harley Days 2024


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Hamburg Harley Days 2024

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[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col1-3″ boxheight=”double” title=”OUR PARTNER”]What would we be without our partners support? Besides our partner Harley-Davidson® and further sponsors, there are supporter, media partner and chapter who energetically help us with organising this event. If you are interested in presenting you in this public area, we would like to present you an offer.[/wr_text_block]
[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col1-3″ boxheight=”auto” title=”main sponsor”]Harley-Davidson


König Pilsener[/wr_text_block]

[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col1-3″ boxheight=”auto” title=”supporter”]harleyhamburgnord
[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col1-3″ boxheight=”auto” title=”supporter”]The following Harley® Chapter are a really big support for us. They indepentently take over the following sub-areas:

Hamburg Chapter: Custombike Show
Checkpoint Chapter: Demo Rides
Metropolitan Chapter: Parade
Nordheide Chapter: Guided Tours[/wr_text_block]

[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col1-3″ boxheight=”auto” title=”more”]At the parade contribute furthermore:
Mogo, Hanseaten Chapter, Breitenfelde Chapter, First Free Chapter

THANK you very much indeed, to all of you![/wr_text_block]