Hamburg Harley Days 2024


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Hamburg Harley Days 2024

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[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”3863″ title=”Rock hard! “]Great music is definitely a must-have at the Hamburg Harley Days! Whether it’s covers or original songs, internationally renowned or local musicians, you’ll see them all here.

From rock and rockabilly to blues, a touch of disco, and the brilliant mix with current hits. Here, you’ll get your musical fix!

You can find the diverse music lineup for 2024 here! More bands will be announced shortly.[/wr_content_box_vd]

[wr_image boxwidth=”col2-3″ imgtype=”imgcusurl” image=”426″ title=”Ride-In Bike Show” cusurl=”/program/ride-bike-show/”][/wr_image]
[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”384″ title=”Demo rides”]Everyone can get a taste of the Harley feeling at the demo rides – the only requirement is a valid drivers’ licence. The test ride on a brand new Harley® is the highlight of the event for many bike lovers.
Participation in the test rides is free of charge and without any obligation. The general principle applies: “First come – first serve”.[/wr_content_box_vd]
[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”2662″ title=”Guided tours”]Every year, Nordheide Chapter is taking Harley fans on three guided tours through Hamburg hinterland.

You can find the routes of last year here![/wr_content_box_vd]

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