Hamburg Harley Days 2024


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Hamburg Harley Days 2024

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[wr_text_block boxwidth=”col1-3″ boxheight=”auto” title=”DATES & FACTS”]Always on Sunday, the last day of Hamburg Harley Days, we’re celebrating with a big parade!

All bikes are getting in line to then drive through Hamburg and the surrounding area – crossing famous sights and the biggest bridges. Absolutely spectacular!

Most important rule: Drive safely and we welcome all bikers![/wr_text_block]

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[wr_content_box_vd contenttype=”wimage” boxwidth=”col2-3″ image=”6256″ title=”ROUTE 2024″]The official route of the 2024 parade is shown on this map!*

The parade starts at the wholesale market and leads through Veddel along the harbor edge road and the famous Köhlbrand Bridge right into the heart of the port. The return route goes over the Freihafen Bridge through the HafenCity and ultimately along the Landungsbrücken, past the fish market, over the Reeperbahn and Hammerbrook back to the wholesale market.

*subject to official approval[/wr_content_box_vd]

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